A Message From the Founder: Regain Your Confidence and Enjoy Life with Shreddies

I’ve suffered from flatus bowel incontinence for over a decade, and I can’t say how truly grateful I am to find Shreddies Flatulence Filtering Garments. Shreddies gave me my life back, improved my relationships with people I care about, and helped me feel more confident leaving the house to engage in everyday activities.

Flatus and Bowel Incontinence can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health. My incontinence left me at times with disabling anxiety and depression. My symptoms worsened the more I found myself in embarrassing situations like using public transport, at the workplace, in social settings, and whilst trying to do ordinary activities like grocery shopping. It felt at times that I had no control over my body or life and that I could no longer do everything that I used to do including my 14-year career in the public service.

Before Shreddies, I could only wonder what it would be like again to watch a movie in the cinema or use public transport without fear of having to jump off mid journey. Or doing grocery shopping without the worry of suddenly needing to abandon my cart mid-isle, before enduring a walk of shame smelling of baby diaper through the mall. I didn’t even realise the point at which I had just wanted to stop doing those things anymore. But it’s different now, I just don’t leave the house without wearing my Shreddies. 😉

Shreddies means that I can now sleep in the same room as my partner without the worry of flatus or incontinence odour. It means accepting dinner invitations to join friends or attend social events with reduced social anxieties.  It means attending a yoga class or the gym, or sitting through a team meeting, without the worry of being in a confined space with others or at risk of shame or embarrassment. Shreddies changed my view on what I now can and can’t do because of my health condition.

My mission for Shreddies Australia is to help people to live as ordinary life as possible without the worry of continence related odour and to improve the quality of living and mental wellness of sufferers of excessive flatulence or incontinence. I am committed to ensuring Shreddies products are accessible to all Australians and New Zealanders, that pricing is transparent and offers value, and that concessions or financial support is available to persons living with disability, senior citizens, or special cases who require additional support such as children.

Shreddies Australia is committed to providing contracted service rates to whole of government providers and organisation who deliver supports or services which are aimed at improving the lives of persons living with Disability and our Senior citizens.  If you provide these services, we want to help, reach out to us and let us know how we can best support you.

If you are a senior citizen or person with disability, you may be eligible for concessional pricing subject to eligibility under one of our affiliated programs.

To find out what assistance you may be eligible for call us on 1300 182 040 or email sales@shreddies.com.au.  We can also help to connect you with appropriate support services in your area and state based and national funding schemes that may be able to assist you with purchasing your Shreddies products.

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