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At Shreddies Australia Pty Ltd, we strive to deliver safe and quality support services to people with health conditions and disabilities. Shreddies Australia are committed to embracing a positive feedback culture.

Feedback can be a complaint, a concern or a compliment. Regardless, we take all feedback seriously. We acknowledge that the supports and services we provide may not always meet people’s expectations, and acknowledge that mistakes do happen, and we value people letting us know when this occurs so we can improve the supports we offer. Shreddies Australia Pty Ltd values complaints from people with disability, families, carers, service providers and regulators to ensure people are treated fairly when they use our services. Our Complaint Policy is underpinned by 9 key principles and applies to all staff, contractors, volunteers or business partners.

  • Rights – People have a fundamental right to speak up about the supports they receive.
  • Respect – People are treated with respect and dignity the process. This includes respecting their privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of their information.
  • Fairness – People are treated fairly and their concerns are dealt with in an unbiased and objective manner.
  • Accessible – Information should be provided in ways that people who use the service to know how to make a complaint.
  • Person centred – The complaints system is flexible enough to respond to individual needs and to consider what is both important to and important for people receiving supports.
  • Responsive – There is a clear process for ensuring that complaints are handled in a timely way and people are kept informed of the progress of their complaint.
  • Natural justice – People involved in a complaint need to be given a fair opportunity to respond to issues raised and to present their views.
  • Accountable – Your process for resolving complaints is clearly outlined so know what to expect.
  • Excellence – The complaints management system is part of a quality culture that sees the complaint as an opportunity for improvement.

If you would like to lodge a Complaint, Feedback or Compliment regarding our NDIS service or supports you can do so by:

  • Completing an online web form available HERE.
  • Downloading our ‘Feedback and Complaints Form’ HERE and returning this to feedback@shreddies.com.au; or posting to PO Box 724, Thuringowa Central, QLD 4817.
  • Calling us on 1300 182 040.

NDIS complaints can also be made directly to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, which is an independent agency established to improve the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services:

For more information, please visit: https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/about/contact

Shreddies Australia Pty Ltd can assist you to lodge a complaint with the NDIS Commission, or can assist to connect you with an NDIS Advocate, who:

  • is independent of the Agency, the Commission and any NDIS providers providing supports or services to the person with disability
  • provides independent advocacy for the person with disability, to assist the person with disability to exercise choice and control and to have their voice heard in matters that affect them acts at the direction of the person with disability, reflecting the person with disability’s expressed wishes, will, preferences and rights
  • is free of relevant conflicts of interest:


For more information please visit: https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/participants/disability-advocacy or call us on 1300 182 040.


What happens after I lodge feedback with Shreddies Australia Pty Ltd?

Within the first 24 hours of receiving a complaint, Shreddies Australia Pty Ltd will attempt to contact persons who makes a complaint, and/or persons with disability affected by an issue raised in a complaint, in order to:

  • acknowledge the complaint.
  • ensure that any person who makes a complaint, and each person with disability affected by an issue raised in such a complaint, is advised how that complaint or issue may be raised with the Commissioner.
  • ensure you are aware of your rights and provide appropriate support and assist you to lodge feedback or a complaint with the Commissioner.
  • ensure a person who makes a complaint, or a person with disability affected by an issue raised in a complaint, is not adversely affected as a result of the making of the complaint and are appropriately involved in the resolution of the complaint.
  • resolve the complaint where possible.
  • inform you of the progress of the complaint, including any action taken or future action required, explain the reasons for any decisions made and options for review of decisions in relation to a complaint.


Where an appropriate resolution cannot be reached within 24 hours, we will keep persons involved in the complaint process up to date and informed during the resolution process until an outcome has been reached. Any person who makes a complaint, and each person with disability affected by an issue raised in such a complaint, will be informed of the resolution outcome, including any action taken, the reasons for any decisions made and options for review of decisions in relation to the complaint.

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