Our Story

Hi, I’m Vidie Morgan, Founder of Shreddies in Australia and New Zealand.

I’ve suffered from flatus and bowel incontinence for over a decade, and it caused me to give up or lose so much, including my 14-year career in the Public Service. Life changed; I stopped doing so many things that I used to take for granted because of the risk of shame and embarrassment.

I missed watching movies in the cinema or using public transport without fear of having to jump off mid journey to race to a toilet. Or simply grocery shop without the worry of suddenly having to abandon my cart mid-isle and endure a walk of shame, smelling like a baby that needs its nappy changed, through the mall.

My mental health was affected. I experienced disabling anxiety and depression especially in any public situations like the workplace, social settings, and the supermarket. It felt at times that I had no control over my body or life.

When I found Shreddies Flatulence Filtering Garments, they gave me my life back. My only regret was that I didn’t find them sooner.

Shreddies means I can now sleep in the same room as my partner without the worry of incontinence odour. Shreddies mean I can go to dinner with friends or attend social events with far less anxiety. Shreddies mean I can attend a yoga class or the gym, or a team meeting, without fear of shame or embarrassment. Shreddies gave me back my confidence and self-esteem.

When this happened for me, I was SO grateful. I decided then to help others in the same situation and my new business was born. I don’t want anyone else to suffer for years before they find an answer to taking back their life, so I have worked to bring Shreddies to Australia.

My mission for Shreddies Australia is to improve the quality of life and the mental wellbeing of sufferers of flatus and bowel incontinence. We do that by helping people to live as ordinary a life as possible without the crippling anxiety of continence related odour.

There is enough going on in your life – with Shreddies, you have one less thing to worry about.


-Vidie Morgan, Founder Shreddies Australia

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Our Mission

Our mission is to supply quality, effective continence aids that are washable, provide value, and improve the quality of living and mental wellness for people suffering from incontinence. We promise to deliver comfortable and discreet continence garments which provide complete protection, look good and feel good, and boosts the confidence and self-esteem of the wearer.

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