Shreddies Mens Flatulence Pyjama’s


Shreddies cotton pyjama bottoms eliminate bedtime odours, allowing you to drift off without worry. The pyjamas are the perfect solution to situations like staying with friends, a work-trip or a new relationship.

Our pyjamas and undershorts are designed to be worn over any underwear including incontinence pants, giving you 100% protection from flatulence and incontinence odours. The fabric design of the pyjamas maybe different to that shown at times.

How Do They Work? Shreddies pyjamas you have a full carbon lining from the waistband down to just above the knee. This means unlike when wearing our underwear, body positions are not critical.

Please ensure the garments fit you well. If you find that the Pyjamas are baggy and there are any gaps around the waistband, odours will use this as a path to escape. Please use the sizing guide.

Garment Care: Shreddies should be washed at 40c in a washing machine or by hand using Washing Soda only. Please do not use – Fabric Softener, Soap or Detergents, these products will clog up the carbon filter. Dry the garments in a tumble dryer on a medium heat or over a radiator until all moisture is removed.

Garment Care: Please ensure you wash Shreddies with a large scoop (110-210ml) of Washing Soda only, DO NOT use fabric conditioner or detergent. We recommend machine washing at 40 degrees however if you would like to hand wash please make sure the temperature stays at 40 and DO NOT wring out the underwear as this will damage the carbon. Please dry in a tumble dryer on medium heat.

Garment care Information Image

Please take care with this garment as it is made from 100% activated carbon which can be damaged if not handled carefully. As The Carbon Undershort is designed to be worn over your underwear and underneath any outer garment it does not need to be washed after every use.

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